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On August 1 st, we launched our new public website:

tỷ lệ kèo bóng đá trực tuyến

and a new website for medical staff:


Our website was developed in partnership with patients and residents of Vancouver Island and the surrounding regions. It's accessible, mobile friendly and flexible to help us evolve with our communities as we work towards excellent health and care for everyone, everywhere, every time.

Come visit the new sites and update your bookmarks. This www. tỷ lệ kèo bóng đá trực tuyến www.rotundamaris.net site will continue to be available for one month so that our staff and partners have time to update their links to the new site. You can still browse the old site but it will no longer be updated.


Patient Engagement

Inviting the voice of patients and their families

The experience of patients and their families* helps shape how care is provided at Island Health. By sharing your perspective, we learn and understand what matters to you. Working together, we can achieve excellent health and care for everyone, everywhere, every time.

Engaging and partnering with patients and families is a priority in Island Health. It can lead to better decision-making in all aspects of supporting health and care from the bedside, to programs or services, and to budget and priority-setting.

*A patient is also a person, client and resident and family may include anyone that the patient considers an important source of support.

Island Health care team members and leaders work collaboratively with patients and family members across the organization to inform change and create a culture of patient and family-centered care.

Getting Involved

There are many ways you can participate in decisions about your own health as well as contribute to improving how care is provided in Island Health.

Participate in your own care

In Island Health, we invite patients and family members to take an active role in their care. From sharing what you need, what matters to you and asking questions about your health and care, we want to be partners with you.

Consider becoming a Patient Partner / Advisor

When patients and / or family members volunteer to partner with health care team members to impact change and improve quality of care, we refer to them as Patient Partners or Patient Advisors.

As a patient partner, you can work together with health care teams to design and inform changes to new and existing programs. You can also be invited to participate in advisory committees, councils, focus groups and projects. Providing feedback and recommendations on the development of patient and family education materials is also a valuable opportunity.

Ready to learn more?

We encourage any patient or family members interested in improving the culture of patient and family-centred care at Island Health to sign up as a patient partner with a provincial program called tỷ lệ kèo bóng đá trực tuyến Patient Voices Network (PVN), under the BC Patient Safety & Quality Council.

“PVN is a community of patients, family members and caregivers working together with health care partners to improve our health care system.” We work closely and collaborate with Engagement Leaders from PVN to support you in this process.

Is this the volunteer role for you?

Have a look at our Patient Partner tip sheet (PDF)

Guiding Patient Engagement

The guiding force of patient engagement at Island Health is our Patient Advisory Council, supported by principles taken from the Ministry of Health's Priorities for the BC Health System.