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Welcome, and thank you for choosing Island Health!

At Island Health we want to ensure that our new physicians have a successful first day, week and month, leading to a long and fulfilling partnership with us. With that in mind, we have developed these orientation sections to get you on your way. We recommend that you review each of the five sections below before your first day and continue to come back to them as a resource.


The links below will lead you to general information about Island Health, the services we provide, where we offer them, and the populations we serve.


Information on how Island Health is organized, specifically:

    • Governing Legislation
    • Leadership
    • Medical Staff Structure
    • Program Structure


Patient Care in Island Health

Information you need to know regarding providing patient care in Island Health, such as:

    • Medical Staff Rules and Bylaws
    • Most Responsible Practitioner, Hand Hygiene, Respectful Workplace, and other policies
    • Medical Staff Health and Safety
    • Cultural Safety

Getting Set Up

    • Obtaining your ID badge and access card
    • Parking at Island Health sites
    • Accessing your Island Health email, including remote access
    • Using the electronic health record and transcription services


On-Site Orientation

    • Checklist
    • Site Orientation Manuals (where available)