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January 11, 2016

Island Health, under the STOP HIV/AIDS Program, is introducing a new health care initiative that complements our current strategies to reduce the spread of HIV throughout Vancouver Island.

This new initiative is in accordance with the Provincial HIV Testing Guidelines, which recommend health professionals know the HIV status of all patients under their care. Starting January 11th, patients admitted to Nanaimo Regional General Hospital through the ER department will be offered a HIV test as part of their admissions bloodwork. As with all medical investigations, testing happens once patient consent is given. The initiative is already in place at Campbell River Hospital and West Coast General Hospital. Ordering physicians can find the HIV (Ag/Ab Combo) test under Investigations on the Hospital Admission Orders – Adult and Cardiology Admission Clinical Order sets. Communicable Disease Nursing, under Public Health, will be your contact for support and follow-up of any positive results.

Thank you in advance for your support in rolling-out this new initiative to your patients.

For questions, please contact Sophie Bannar-Martin, Manager STOP HIV & BBD, sophie.bannarmartin@ tỷ lệ kèo bóng đá trực tuyến www.rotundamaris.net

Last updated January 11, 2016