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August 18, 2016

Dear Colleagues,

This is a brief update on the Medical Leadership Restructuring process.

We are pleased to announce that a finalized Medical Department Structure and the first slate of Department Heads will be submitted for HAMAC approval on August 30. If approved, the new structure will be “provisionally” introduced as of September 1. Board approval will finalize this process.

Applications have been received for all Department Head positions and we are now interviewing qualified applicants. Once Department Heads are in place, appointment of Division Heads and Section Heads will follow (see What's Happening to Site Chiefs?)

Clarified Position Descriptions & Contacts

An important part of the transition has been defining specific responsibilities and deliverables for Island Health’s >250 medical leaders. Responsibilities of departmental medical leaders are defined in the Medical Staff Rules. For operational medical co-leadership positions, EMDs and EDs have defined responsibilities for each position within their portfolio. Please review Clarifying Operational vs. Departmental Roles for further information on the difference between the medical leadership positions.

Program, Site & Region Specifics

The restructuring team will be reconnecting with each LMAC and geography leadership team in September to continue this conversation, and to share site/region-specific information. This has been a complex, challenging restructuring process. Thankfully, we’re nearing the end and will soon see the benefits of the >$3M increase in medical leadership funding. That said, like all major transitions, we anticipate fine-tuning will occur and we want to hear from you if something isn’t working
There is a tremendous amount of change going on at Island Health in an effort to improve patient-centred care and experience. We thank you for your patience, support and commitment to making this Island Health transition as smooth as possible.

Dr. Jeremy Etherington & Dr. Sam Williams