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February 15, 2016

Please see the below memorandum regarding changes to Island Health inpatient laboratory requisitions.


Date:?? February 10, 2016

To:???? ? Island Health Clinical Providers

From:??Dr. Gordon Hoag, Medical Director
????????????Island Health Laboratory ?Medicine, Pathology & Genetics

????????????Scott McCarten, Manager
????????????Standards, Process Improvement for Laboratory Medicine, Pathology? & Genetcis

Re:??????Changes to Island Health Requisitions

Island Health requisitions all include a field for the ordering physician to enter their name to ensure results are properly communicated. However, there exist significant disparities with required additional physician identifiers including MSP billing number. These additional identifiers are essential for laboratory practitioners to ensure that the correct physician is receiving results, especially when physicians have identical or similar names. The laboratory is endeavouring to standardize these additional identifiers and needs the support of clinical providers to ensure the information is entered consistently and correctly.

Our preferred method for secondary identification is the MSP billing number. Therefore we will be amending all of our requisitions to include mandatory fields for MSP billing number. It is our hope that CPOE will render the manual entry of these fields obsolete, but in the meantime would ask that all of our ordering providers endeavour to enter the required information (Name and MSP Number) in order to ensure timely and accurate communication of laboratory results.

We would like to remind our ordering providers of the importance of including the name of the physician and/or clinic they are providing a locum and/or names of those physicians who require a copy to ensure results are received by the appropriate individuals. Additionally, as per policy the patients Full Legal Name must be legible on the requisition. This means that diminutives or abbreviations cannot be accepted.

In summary, we would request, as an ordering provider, please ensure all of the following information is available and legible on any requisitions you send to the laboratory:

1) Patient Full Legal Name
2) Provider Full Name
3) MSP Practitioner Number
4) Locum for physician (If applicable)
5) Copy to Physician (if applicable)

Neglecting to do so may delay the delivery of your laboratory results.

Memorandum February 10, 2016: Changes to Island Health Requisitions

Last updated February 15, 2016