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February 19, 2016

Dear Physician and Medical Office Assistant Colleagues:

Please accept this as an important communication about the Island-wide changes to Island Health’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) that will occur with the first major IHealth go-live this coming weekend.

Scheduled Downtime
– on Sunday, February 21 at 0001hrs, there will be a scheduled 8 hour ‘code grey’ downtime while we complete the technical transition to the EHR New Platform. It will be important for all providers to print (or if remote "print screen") the entire list prior to the downtime. Please follow the downtime procedures should you be working during that time.

EHR New Platform – there are several changes in the way that patient data is presented, and new functionality is being introduced. For physicians, special attention is required in the following three areas:

1. Patient Lists - Active Relationship, Provider Group, and Custom patient lists will be migrated to the EHR New Platform – to a maximum of 20 lists (active lists are those lists that are visible when you open PowerChart). Location lists and lists that you have been Proxied are not able to be migrated, and will have to be recreated in the EHR New Platform.

2. Message Centre – dictated and electronically generated documents will be now routed to your Message Centre for review, edit, and signature prior to distribution.

3. Historical View Tab – approximately 24 months of patient data has been migrated to the EHR New Platform, and will be presented as usual through PowerChart tabs and summary views. Patient data from greater than two years ago will be accessible through the new Historical View tab.

Please see this tỷ lệ kèo bóng đá trực tuyến checklist to support your preparation for these changes.

IHealth support staff and physician peer mentors will be available at acute care sites during the stabilization period to assist you with these changes. Please call the IHealth support line at extension 28555 (250-370-8111 or 250-519-7700) for help and/or to locate a support person to provide in-person assistance. Hospital physician lounges at major sites at will be staffed from 0700-0930 for the first five days after go-live (until February 25, 2016).

Thank you in advance for your support and patience as we work to advance IHealth and improve the quality, safety, and experience of care for our shared patient population.


Dr. Mary Lyn Fyfe

Chief Medical Information Officer

Island Health

Last updated February 19, 2016