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Your clients trust you with their health. Talk to them about tobacco use.

Evidence shows that just talking to a person about tobacco use can increase the likelihood that they will quit smoking by 30 percent.  Of those people that smoke in BC, 70% would like to quit.  A brief intervention of three minutes or less using a 5A’s approach to counselling a patient to quit smoking can save lives.  The 5A’s of brief intervention are:

  1. Ask about their tobacco use
  2. Advise them to Quit
  3. Assess for willingness to quit
  4. Assist in a quit attempt  
    a. Offer medication to help them quit  
    b. Offer them counselling treatment (if available)
    c. Refer them to QuitNow Services for support 
  5. Arrange for follow-up

Helping people living with mental illness

The Smoking Reduction and Cessation Group is designed to address the unique needs of mental health clients who want to learn about tobacco addiction and to cut down or quit smoking. Referrals are accepted from physicians, psychiatrists, case managers, or therapists at the Day Hospital, Eric Martin Pavilion, Victoria, BC. For more information, call 250.370.8126.

Support Smoke-Free Places for Kids

Smoke-Free Places for Kids is an Island Health initiative to increase public awareness about the effects of second-hand smoke on children and to encourage people to declare their home smoke-free.

Key messages:

  • No amount of second-hand smoke is safe
  • Make your home and vehicle smoke-free
  • Always smoke outside

Get Smoke-Free Places for Kids materials from any public health unit upon request including window decals for your vehicle or home, fridge magnets (which can serve as a picture frame), and info packages on how to support smoke-free spaces.  For more details on how second-hand smoke affects children, visit the World Health Organization website.

Tobacco education

The BC Cancer Agency has a Clinical Tobacco Intervention Recognition Program that offers training for health professionals in evidence-based clinical tobacco intervention and supports implementation through materials and clinical tools. For access to this training, visit http://www.tobaccoed.org/ 

Island Health employees

Smoking cessation resources are available for Island Health employees.