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We are working with local government, law enforcement, community partners and other stakeholders to establish supervised consumption services (SCS) in the Island Health region. Island Health's Statement on Supervised Consumption Services

Island Health has submitted applications to Health Canada to establish supervised consumption services in Victoria and is in the process of developing an application for a SCS in Nanaimo. 

Community Engagement

Island Health is asking Victoria and Nanaimo residents for their opinions about safe consumption services, as well as the specific proposed service models and service locations. Provide Feedback on Proposed Supervised Consumption Services

SCS Updates

December 14, 2017: Johnson Street Supervised Consumption Services approved

December 12, 2017: Island Health seeks providers for new Supervised Consumption Service

August 3, 2017: Supervised Consumption Services Approved for Victoria

June 20, 2017: Second supervised consumption service application submitted for Victoria

January 3, 2017: Island Health has submitted the first planned application for supervised consumption service locations in Victoria

What?is a?supervised consumption service?

Supervised consumption services (also known as supervised injection services or SCS) are health services where individuals can attend to inject or consume illicit drugs in a hygienic environment under the supervision of trained staff, and have opportunities to engage in other health and social services. Individuals bring drugs they have obtained elsewhere with them to the SCS.?

The goals of providing supervised consumption services are to:

  • Reduce overdose deaths??
  • Connect people who use illicit?drugs with health-care and treatment?services?
  • Reduce the transmission rate?of diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis B and C
  • Reduce public drug use and discarded needles?

How do supervised consumption services help?

Supervised consumption services can help reduce overdose deaths by providing a safer space for people to inject/consume drugs under the supervision of a trained professional. SCS staff?can?intervene in any medical emergencies, including overdoses.

SCSs have been shown to connect people to other health services, including withdrawal management (detox), treatment and other social and health services.?

Island Health's proposed service model

The proposed services will be embedded in locations that already provide, or will offer, health and harm reduction services to people who use illicit drugs. Oversight supports might also be offered in housing facilities where there are a high proportion of residents who use illicit drugs. This oversight would only be available to residents; there would be no public/non-resident access.? Learn more about the proposed service model in?Victoria and tỷ lệ kèo bóng đá trực tuyến Nanaimo.