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We provide care in the context of a wider network of community services and supports. Here are a few other sources of help and information.



24-Hour Vancouver Island Crisis Line:


The Vancouver Island Crisis Line provides a supportive listening ear for people in emotional distress and connection to emergency mental health services when needed. The phone number is the same for all areas of Vancouver Island.

Crisis Chat services (6-10 nightly) www.vicrisis.ca 

Crisis Text number (6-10 nightly) 1.250.800.3806 

Find community resources: Vancouver Island Crisis Line Community Resource Database

The KUU-US Crisis Line is a resource for suicide prevention for Aboriginal people on Vancouver Island and in the province of British Columbia. Help is available 24 hours a day. If you are facing a crisis, call any time.

Adult Crisis Line:   250-723-4050     
Youth Crisis Line:  250-723-2040
Vancouver Island and through the Province of BC:  1-800-588-8717



Help and Information Lines


BC Alcohol and Drug Referral Service


BC Mental Health and Addiction Info Line

9:00 a.m.– 4:00 p.m.  Mon - Fri
Sponsored by:
Canadian Mental Health Association BC Division

HealthLink BC

Check the tỷ lệ kèo bóng đá trực tuyến HealthLink BC website or dial 8-1-1 for programs in your area.

AA 24-Hour Support Lines

Alert Bay                    250.974.5522

Campbell River          250.287.4313

Comox Valley             250.338.8042

Cowichan Valley        866.233.5255

Nanaimo                     250.753.7513

Port Alberni & Westcoast    250.723.1177

Port Alice                    250.284.3558

Port Hardy                  250.902.6052

Port McNeill                250.956.4555 or 250.956.8240

Sointula                       250.973.6047

Southern Gulf Islands 250.383.7744

Victoria                        250.383.7744

NA 24-Hour Support Lines

Campbell River  1.800.379.6652

Comox Valley & Strathcona   1.800.379.6652

Cowichan Valley 1.866.265.7333

Nanaimo              1.866.265.7333

Oceanside            .866.265.7333

Port Alberni & Westcoast  1.866.265.7333

Southern Gulf Islands        1.866.265.7333

Victoria                   250.383.3553

Problem Gambling Help Line



Family Physician

Family Physicians

Family physicians provide care for many mental health and addiction issues and refer to specialized services when needed.

Find a Physician in your community.


Substance Withdrawal Information

Information about the withdrawal symptoms to expect when preparing for or when in withdrawal from one or more substances.

Alcohol (PDF)

Benzodiazepines (PDF)

Cocaine (PDF)

Marijuana (PDF)

Methamphetamine (PDF)

Nicotine (PDF)

Opioids (PDF)

[Developed by Dr. Bayla Schecter, Regional Medical Advisor for Mental Health and Substance Use, Island Health.  Reviewed September 2017.]

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Other Online Resources

Recommended websites provide education and information on a variety of mental health and substance use issues.

Mental Health and Substance Use: General

Mental Health: General

Mental Health: Specific Disorders

Substance Use: General