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We are pleased to be a part of providing you with your health care needs.  Your use of the Medical Laboratory Service helps to sustain your public health care system.

Did you know

  • Your local hospital has satellite laboratories (specimen collection facilities) both inside each hospital and in the community where you can have your blood work done, or drop off samples.
  • All Lab requisitions are accepted and welcome.
  • Many of our satellite facilities are open Saturdays.
  • ECG’s are available at most sites and are conveniently located for your care.
  • Our public labs perform more than 4 million diagnostic tests on over 225,000 patients annually.
  • Having your blood collected at the public lab means your results are stored in the hospital database and results are always available to your physicians.
  • Continuity of information we provide service while you are in the hospital, after discharge and if you visit the renal, diabetes, transplant, cancer or other hospital clinics.
  • Island Health labs have full complement of specialized Lab Physicians that provide consultation for you and your physician.

Click on your region to find lab locations in your area.

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Contact Information

(250) 370-8355

Toll Free


Monday to Friday:
7:00 am to 6:00 pm

Saturday and Stat Holidays:
8:00 am to 4:00 pm