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From December through April, all visitors, staff and volunteers will be expected to wear a mask in our facilities if they have not had a flu shot. Look for masks near main entrances, hand washing stations or at reception. For more information, please read our Frequently Asked Questions(pdf) and Influenza Protection Policy (pdf).

This page is for administrators and staff who work in residential care facilities affiliated with Island Health.

  • All residents of care facilities are eligible for influenza immunization.
  • This year, all residents and staff should receive Fluviral® or Agriflu® vaccine. 
  • This year’s seasonal influenza vaccine will be available to residential care facilities beginning in mid-October.
  • Research shows that people aged 65 to 84 years of age who receive the flu vaccine are less likely to develop cardiac and cerebrovascular disease, and have a lower risk of contracting pneumonia than their unimmunized peers.
  • People visiting family or friends in an Island Health contracted facility during flu season will be asked to wear a mask if they have not had an annual flu shot. People who have close contact with residents of care facilities are eligible for publicly funded immunization.
  • All staff and volunteers working in Island Health contracted facilities will receive an annual flu shot or they will be expected to wear a mask while in patient care areas during flu season.

All staff

Stay healthy during flu season

  • Read about the symptoms of the flu
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water or alcohol-based sanitizers
  • Stay home when you’re sick or have flu symptoms
  • Do not cough or sneeze into your hands - use your upper arm or a tissue
  • Get immunized. Staff and volunteers will be expected to wear a mask in our facilities if they have not had a flu shot. For more information, please read our Influenza Prevention Policy (pdf).

Facility Administrators/Immunizing Nurses

Read about this year's influenza and vaccine  

Order and manage vaccines

Organize immunizations for staff and patients

Report vaccine usage

Report adverse events following immunization

Prepare for outbreaks

Manage outbreaks

  • Report outbreaks within 24 hours. Amalgamate facilities should report to their infection control practitioner. Affiliate facilities report to Public Health, Communicable Disease Program as follows:
    • South Island: 1-866-665-6626 
    • Central Island: 1-866-770-7798
    • North Island: 1-877-887-8835
  • Implement outbreak policies

Monitor outbreaks in other facilities in your community

Educate others