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One of the many challenges facing the Canadian healthcare system is ensuring an adequate supply, mix and geographic distribution of employees. Enhancing Aboriginal employment on Vancouver Island in the healthcare sector is one of a number of strategies to assist in meeting Island Health’s future workforce needs.

The Island Health Aboriginal Recruitment and Retention Strategy focuses on:

  1. Community Engagement, Establishing Trust and Partnerships with Aboriginal Communities and Organizations – For the Island Health Aboriginal Recruitment and Retention Strategy to be successful, Island Health needs to establish both formal and informal partnerships to build a foundation of trust with First Nations communities and organizations.
  2. Building for the Future – Providing education / information to Aboriginal people who are not currently qualified for current or future job opportunities in healthcare to allow them to make an informed decision to explore healthcare career opportunities and training.
  3. Building Organizational Aboriginal Awareness – Providing information / education to Island Health employees on working with Aboriginal peers in the workplace and being aware of cultural safety.
  4. Promoting Island Health Employment Opportunities to Aboriginals (Recruitment) – Attracting qualified Aboriginal workers to existing professional and support job opportunities in Island Health and on Vancouver Island.
  5. Maximizing Aboriginal Employee Retention – Identifying issues affecting the retention of Aboriginal employees within Island Health and undertaking strategies to remove employment issues and barriers.