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None of us knows what tomorrow will bring. A health crisis may affect you or a family member at any time.

Advance care planning allows you to have a say in the health care you will receive if you are too sick to speak for yourself. It is a way to reflect on your values, beliefs and wishes so that you can make your own health care decisions. By discussing and documenting your wishes with your loved ones, health care team and family physician, they will be better able to act on your behalf.

Where to Start

Information about advance care planning, personal planning tools and forms are available in the BC Advance Care Planning Guide:

My Voice: Expressing My Wishes for Future Health Care Treatment (PDF 4.3 MB)

To assist you to use the My Voice planning guide:

My Voice companion (PDF 0.3 MB)

Effective September 1, 2011, there are new ways you can appoint someone to speak up on your behalf in the event that you cannot speak for yourself. The changes in the law now make it possible for you to provide guidance to your health care team in ways not possible before. Read more…